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Selected Artwork showcased in LA’s Urban Outfitters' Space15Twenty gallery space from June 7-10, 2018

Girls Art Now! is the result of hundreds of conversations with women artists and ourselves about women, art, life and what those things mean to us. Now more than ever, we’re seeing a shift in both art and life that feels urgent, energized and necessary. We wanted to create a space where women artists could tell their stories and learn from one another.

We’re thrilled to join forces with our partners at Sexy Beast to raise money for Planned Parenthood LA because supporting women holistically is something we believe in.

What does it mean to be a woman artist in 2018?

Let's dig into this question. It was hard enough telling our parents we wanted to go to art school, become an illustrator, or start a podcast. It was harder still to convince ourselves that we could do it. But we did and we’re doing it.  

So here we are; it’s 2018 and we're confronting what it means to be woman, an ally, a voice, an artist. How do we see ourselves and our art in a new context? What is our role in community? How do we harness our art for social good?

We asked creatives  from all corners of the art world to join us in a discussion on what it means to be a woman artist today. In tandem, we’ll be showcasing artwork from 50 woman-identified artists from our global community of Society6 artists. 100% of ticket sales and art sales will go to Sexy Beast for Planned Parenthood LA.


Photos by

Cara Robbins  @cararobbins
Jon Chu  @thatsaphotograph